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Welcome to Estonia, a country of 1500 islands, 1,3 million people, abundant nature and history.

Although it is the smallest of the Baltic countries, Estonia does make its presence felt in the region. Estonia is known for magnificent castles, pristine islands and a cosmopolitan capital amid medieval splendour. It's no wonder Estonia is no longer Europe's best-kept secret. 

Come, See and Discover Estonia, an irresistible mix of Eastern European and Nordic flavours.

National parks provide plenty of elbow room, quaint villages evoke a timeless sense of history and uplifting song festivals celebrate age-old traditions. You can experience unspoilt seaside or windswept island solitude, while still enjoying the comforts of a thoroughly modern, e-savvy country.

Visit Tallinn, Estonia's crown jewel, cobbled streets and rejuvenated 14th-century dwellings. Relax in dozens of cafés and restaurants that make for an atmospheric retreat after you have explored historic churches and scenic ruins, galleries and boutiques. Soaking up Tallinn's long white nights and medieval history is a joy to be savoured.

It will be hard for you to escape Tallinn's undeniable allure, but it is a risk worth taking as you will leave this country with unforgettable memories.

We look forward to seeing you!



Did you know


The 1.3 million Estonians consider sauna as an important part of their social culture. An Estonian saying: “Most wars could be avoided if people went to the sauna together.”

Our language is Estonian but most of us speak also English. Some of us often do speak German, Finnish, Russian and Swedish too!

Great food is everywhere in Estonia and you can even eat marinated bear here!

We have one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world, with written records of 133,000 folk songs

We have more than one capital! Tartu is established as the “cultural capital of Estonia”, while Pärnu is known as the “summer capital”. The official capital of Estonia remains Tallinn, which is the largest city in the country

Nearly 50% of Estonia is forest. The forest has always been important place for Estonian people - it was believed to be a sacred place in Estonia’s primeval religion and people worshiped the wood-spirits, because the forest was their essential source for food and building materials

We have the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world

We are one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe

Munamagi (Egg Mountain) is the highest point (elevation 318 m) in Estonia. It is also the highest point in the entire Baltic region!

Practical information about Estonia


Estonia benefits from a temperate climate due to its closeness to the Baltic Sea and has, four distinct seasons. In the summer the skies are blue and temperatures can reach as high as 30° Celsius. During summer you can experience what locally are called the “white nights”, due to the many hours of daylight. Light rain can fall in spring and autumn. In winter the rain turns to snow when the temperature drops below zero.


Public Transportation
Tallinn offers public transportation system of buses, trolleybuses and tram lines. Nevertheless Tallinn is a very compact city and it is very easy to see the city by foot. The Tallinn public transport network is operating from 05.00 to 23.00 every day, with special bus services covering the night and early hours during the weekends.

Estonia is an e-country, so it's not surprising that wireless internet is almost everywhere and almost always free. Wireless internet access points can be found in most public locations: parks, squares, pubs, cafés, restaurants, airports, trains, bus stations and often it's even possible to access the internet in what seems a remote location, on a beach or in a forest.

The Estonian currency is the Euro (EUR) which is divided into 100 cents. Estonian bank opening hours are generally from 9 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Fridays.  Banks are closed during weekends and public holidays. Currency exchange offices offer longer opening hours than banks and stays open on Saturdays and Sundays/public holidays. ATMs, found at practically all bank-branches, accept all major credit cards.


Colour isn't limited to the art world. The flare of the streets is decidedly fashion-forward, with Tallinn's boutiques bearing the imprint of rising Estonian designers. This contrasts with the centuries-old artisan traditions of glassblowing, weaving and pottery, all of which make Tallinn such a shoppers' paradise. 

Old Town is literally lined with dozens of souvenir, antique and speciality stores. Within Old Town the main shopping streets are Viru, Müürivahe, Suur-Karja, Väike-Karja and Kullassepa.

If you are a citizen and resident of a country outside the EU, you can claim a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund. You can only shop in stores with “tax free shopping” signs in order to receive the VAT refund. In order to achieve the VAT refund, a minimum purchase per shop is required. When you approach the refund point, please make sure that you have the following with you:

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Your Global Blue tax-free form 

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